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The Bootstrap VA: Learn Before Start

The Bootstrap VA: The Go-Getter’s Guide to Becoming a Virtual Assistant, Getting and Keeping Clients, and More! is an organized brain dump of everything I’ve learned and experienced (and what I wish someone had told me) during my time building, growing, downsizing, and repositioning a business as a virtual assistant.

If you want to get started as a virtual assistant, you’re a go-getter looking to bootstrap your way to success, and you want to create a business that complements your life and your schedule (instead of a job you’re a slave to), this is an eBook you can’t afford to miss. The Bootstrap VA, combined with your hard work and determination, is a winning recipe for a thriving virtual assistant business you can be proud of.


And if that wasn’t enough, with your purchase of The Bootstrap VA you also get a list of resources at the end of most chapters, a 30-Day Reading Guide and Action Plan, and access to The Bootstrap VA Facebook Group (where readers can bounce ideas off of each other and get the support needed no matter where they are in the process of becoming and working as a virtual assistant)!


“…I’d give Lisa’s eBook six stars out of five. It’s that thorough, well-written, and just plain excellent.” – Crystal | Money Saving Mom®

“Lisa has worked as a virtual assistant for many years and after reading half of her eBook, I was so impressed, I hired Lisa to be my own virtual assistant. She knows her stuff.” – Amy | Amy Lynn Andrews

“After reading the eBook myself (and after working as a virtual assistant for several years now), I would highly recommend this eBook to anyone interested in working as a virtual assistant.” – Andrea | Andrea Dekker

Plus, you can read all of the fabulous reviews on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


A lot of people base their decision on whether or not to buy an eBook on the opinions of others who have already read it. So please know that I’m forever grateful and honored if you take the time to review The Bootstrap VA on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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